I had a nice little election night party to end my campaign. The guests were all friends. It wasn't too far into the evening that it became clear I wasn't going to win the Senate Primary, but they urged me to put off my concession speech for a while. About the time people started wanting to go because they had work tomorrow I said "sorry, but we didn't pull it off." You can see the gist of my comments by clicking here.

Then they posed for a group shot. Julia thought it would be nice to have a picture with me in it, so she borrowed my camera and took the one below.

All the people that wanted to see and be seen at a victory party went other places.

A couple of days later I saw these results in the San Francisco Chronicle. After that I figured out I spent about 54 cents a vote. Todd Chretien probably spent something like $2.50 per vote. I'm guessing about Kent, but he probably spent something like a dime a vote. For comparison purposes, Phil Angelides and Steve Westly probably spent somewhere in the $30 to $40 range per vote. I think the record for the election was in the Sunset District of San Francisco, where Fiona Ma spent something like $72 per vote in a Democratic Assembly race.