I'm trying to share the following little speech with everybody I can:

As a country our problems are so deep that the only way we're going to solve them is for all of us to take a personal responsibility for being part of the solution.

To show you what I mean, just consider the problems with the way we use oil. Climate change, oil wars, trade deficit, and pollution.

I put this sticker on my own machine. I'm still learning how to drive less, and I still drive a lot less than I did when I started this project.

There have been structural changes in our economy, but the only way to harness them is for each and every one of us to do their part. Please do what you can.

Tian Harter

P.S. If you'd like a bike sized (1.5" by 7") sticker please send $1 and a self addressed stamped envelope to: 

Tian Harter
P.O. Box 391854
Mountain View CA 94039-1854

P.P.S. Maybe just contemplating the fact that gas prices seem to tend to go up will clarify your mind about the serious nature of the problem. Remember the time when gas at $4/gallon was unthinkable? It's not like that any more...  There are oceans of information about the problem out there. I've stated the gist of it above, but if you want more watch the movie An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore or many other fine pieces that make similar points.