November 12th, 2022: Found the Spider Man coin in my change stein. Not really sure where it came from. Pretty sure it's a flattened penny. Got the quarter in my change at Lee's Sandwiches on my way home. Showed it to the cashier. Told him the image is of a Cherokee Chief. He looked at the coin and handed it back. His body language said "Just being nice to the customer."

September 29th, 2022: Got the quarter in my change when I went out for a burger. Picked up the chocolate on the same trip. The chocolate's packaging explained that the chocolate has Michigan cherry juice in it. Tastes okay.

September 26th, 2022: My most recent power bill. Kind of amazed that I used about 147 KWHr that month. Made the picture 1471 pixels wide to accentuate the numerology of the coincidence.

Those quarters were in my pocket when I looked at that bill.

August 1st, 2022: My most recent power bill. See the big spike? That's the evening I cooked a pot of plum jam from the crop of plums I picked at Mary Ann Blackwell's place. She has a great Santa Rosa plum tree.

Those quarters were in my pocket when I looked at that bill. Looks like an exploited factory worker (She's been at that loom 24/7 since 2019.) conferring with a sitting duck.

June 21th, 2022: A week or so ago I went to Melanie's memorial celebration of life. When the time for the public to speak came up I said "Melanie made having a small carbon footprint look really good." The preacher gave us each a rock to remember her by. You see mine above with coins that were likely in my pocket at the same time on the way home.

May 26th, 2022: Browsing this book that boils history down to 200 pages of infographics, I found this odd little tidbit. Speaking of years, there was a time when I said "year" four times when giving someone else my little speech. At this point that was years ago.

April 13th, 2022: These are some of the new T shirt designs at To get the joke it might help to know that the color of the shirt with sunbathers on it is "sand". Anyhow, I put up the picture of Jefferson because among the founding fathers he was know for his farm as much as his politics.

March 17th, 2022: Was surprised to realize that they totally redid the Washington side of the quarter for this year.

Jan 25th, 2022: Found this coin under the mattress while I was making my bed. Yet another bird quarter. (yawn)

Feb 3rd, 2022: Found this coin under the keyboard. The ones I like seem to collect there. The background is my power bill explainer that was in today's mail. Looking at it I can see what my power use is. The downward slope from 12 AM to about 7 is me sleeping and using no power. It slopes down as the stuff in the fridge stops warming the air because it's finally chilled through. The peak is me cooking and taking a shower. The glide through the evening is mostly lighting, the computer, and radio. Not shown is the part that said my total energy use last month was less than 186 kWh. Probably the new fridge is what explains the "Using 23% less power than last year."

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