Cheryl broke her thumb at Burning Man. Apparently some drunk guy on a bicycle couldn't figure out how to keep from knocking her off her bike in an accident. She says the cast will come off in a few weeks.


For a while Ellis was taking pictures of me with guests. Unfortunately he got involved with some fascinating conversation after a while, so not everybody got photographed.



I was tickled that Kyra's guy decided to register to vote that night. I gather he liked the energy of the gathering...

I would mutter about whomever it was that left that greasy fingerpring in the middle of the lens, but it was probably me.

Duende had just ridden this machine on an 8000 mile road trip. It has a really good sound system. He explained that "Anicca" is a word that captures the ephemeral essence of zen wisdom. He road off with the VOTE HARTER sign proudly riding in the passenger seat. I wish I could have captured a picture of that.