Holmes would have been so much better off if she'd gone through a product development cycle or two with others before striking out on her own. So many times in the first hundred pages I found myself thinking "That's wrong!" After that the damage was done. It was just a matter of waiting for the facts to become clear or the money to run out.

I put the book down several times with that "I don't want to see this!" feeling. It was a horror story except the antagonists used words instead of actions. So amazing how much check writing ability and domineering body language can do. Very eye opening on ways to do things that simply never occurred to me.

The first half of the book is different character studies of people involved. Starts with people that knew Elizabeth Holmes growing up. Then college friends. Then people that worked at Theranos and were fired for various reasons. By the end it was big league lawyers vs. the intrepid reporter and anonymous sources. Very unusual framing for a story that made for unexpected plot twists.

I got this copy from Buy Nothing Mountain View. Seems this area was flooded with copies, part of an effort to keep that from happening here again. Having read it, I can see why. I gave this copy to someone else so it can do further educating.

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