Riding home from San Jose on Sunday, March 14th I got doored on Evelyn in Sunnyvale.

I was riding into the setting sun on a stretch of road where the setting sun was directly in my eyes or I would have seen that there was somebody in that car. Exactly when it was too late for me to swing wide the door opened. Lucky me, I caught in with my handlebar.


I managed to roll away from the accident, so my damage amounted to a raspberry on my shin and a sore spot in my side where I must have rolled over a pebble on the way down. I gotta say, if you gotta hit a door that's the place to hit it. A foot of black tape and the bike is good to go! Grateful that my right hand was behind the lever (relative to the door) at that time. It could have been so much worse.

Also happy that the law is on my side. Dooring is the fault of the driver under California Law. Click here to learn more about that.

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