April 4th, 2022: Many months ago I was trying to remember April's name. Found myself telling her about the intersection of April & April in Mountain View. Told her I'd love to take a picture of her at April & April in April. She said "Let's do it!" We set up an event to ride to April & April. We picked April 4th for the date so that it would read the same whether you used European or American date writing conventions. Just to be recursive about it, we decided to take the picture at 4:04 PM.

Since my knee's bad I arranged to meet them there. Somebody asked me to say a few words. I explained that back in my Sacramento days I'd learned that incumbents can brush off so many things by saying "It's a coincidence!" Even things that no way could I get away with. More recently I've pondered the concept of voting the greenbacks in my pocket as the politician in my own back yard. To some extent that's become a game of getting entertainment value out of coincidences. It may be a coincidence that April has the same name as two of the streets that meet here, but by gathering here and sharing the moment we have made it more than that. Thank you everybody!


It took a minute or two for everybody to get ready to roll after that, but soon enough they were on their way. For me it was a seven mile round trip, but for them there were another twenty miles to go. Wish I could have joined them, but my knee was saying "Don't do that!"

.1006 .