Dec. 4ish, 2020: My prize pack from that Bimbo Virtual Energy Race came in. Turns out virtual races are about all that's available nowadays.

These are the choices I made on my ballot this election cycle.


In addition to the above I'm voting NO! on C. Also, below are my party votes and statewide initiative positions.


October 6th, 2020: Bummed to find out that the national debt has grown to $27 Trillion.

Did this virtual race! It was free. Uploaded results and they sent me something. Respect them and hope this doesn't disappoint.


October 3rd. My legs are starting to feel rested up again. Bike to Whatever days 2020 was a lot of riding! Proud to say I got 2nd Place on the SJBP high distance table.


The Black Lives Matter movement hit a bump in the road. Some vigilante in Wisconsin killed some protesters. There was an emergency rally to show support for being a law abiding citizen in Palo Alto. I showed up to see what people had to say.

The same thing happened again the next evening in Mountain View. I showed up to see what people had to say.

Wednesday July 14, 2020: The stage behind the plants used to be under my fridge. The fridge stopped working right again. This time I was done with fixing it. Used my economic impact payment card to get a new one. The new one is exactly the right size for the hole, so the stage is no longer needed.