Heading for Lake Merrit on Caltrain I saw the running car at the California stop. I still love showing it to people.


The poet explained that everything is connected to everything else. She talked about mother earth's pain as her pain.




The band was warming up in their first number. The other participants were starting to attract attention.


The guy in the hat was getting the whole whoop spirit thing going. This is the kind of dancing you want in your revolution.


I figured I'd power the band for a while. I did it from one of the green bikes.

I'm so impressed that RockTheBike.com has their own nameplate generator bikes. That's an upgrade from the way things were for sure!

The woman in the next bike over is on some major bike pilgramige. I should have taken her picture. Instead I got a picture of her blog URL. Haven't checked it out yet....

Shake Your Peace was the bomb!

By now the party is moving for sure.


The lady talked about getting as much of your power locally as possible. That includes stuff like growing food and getting solar pannels on your roof. She has lots of information resources that enable that kind of stuff.

The guy talked about some positive feedback loops that climate change is enabling carbon cycling at even higher speeds. Things like open water near the north pole absorbs heat faster than ice. This means more ice gets melted sooner. He thinks we have to cut way back on our emissions ASAP to prevent things from getting even worse later.


Then the bicycles started gathering for the ride...


About then I seriously regretted not bringing my bike. Somebody suggested I see if they have any more bikes they need volunteers to ride to "the omni", that being what they called the venue for the rest of the evening.


My load was the rest of the chopped fruit for smoothies. Two coolers, but the one between the wheels was MUCH heavier than the other one. I think the idea was to put it out during the evening. The red suitcase had to go because it was the sellable schwag case. Same with the T shirts. I'm sure the rest of it had good reasons for going.

I got the BICYCLE MUSIC FESTIVAL patch later in the evening. I did the riding to say I was there for sure. We made the sale possible!

The lady at the door said I probably should eat before going into the omni. Browsing looking for food I saw that the old neighborhood hot dog stand had gone out of business. Is that because McDonalds moved in across the street? Did that happen because suddenly there's a hot food vacuum in the neighborhood? What's the chicken and what's the egg? I ended up finding this pizza place where Dora and Candy were hanging out. I put away my camera and enjoyed the time we spent together.


It was a fun environment, but I started getting this "I gotta get back to Mountain View" feeling. It was getting late. Turned out I missed the last Caltrain to Mountain View. Had to take a SamTrans ECR bus. It took a while to find out they had moved the spot from where it used to be. Even after I found the new stop it was still another two or three hours before I got to my own front door.