The invitation to this event I saw on facebook made me feel like being part of this ride would amount to walking into the Nintendoverse, where Mario and Luigi are just as real as you and I. The start was at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the statue.


I got there plenty early. Most of the crowd hadn't showed up yet, so I got the first rounds of good costumes as they showed up.


The sound bikes were pumping out loud dance inducing music. It just added atmosphere, there weren't people ready for that around in big numbers yet.



I truly felt like a winner when I found the pot of gold. The coin I ate tasted like good chocolate! :-)



Lots of mushrooms among us...


Yup. East Bay Bike Party does a good job of stopping at red lights.


I read later that Andrew Boone had counted 925 people riding in this party.




There were these plush mushrooms we were allowed to throw at the racers to enhance the videogame effect.


Some of the racers didn't get very far once the race started. Others zoomed past before I had a chance to take their pictures...





Thank you to the wonderful leader for a nice evening of bike party fun!