East Bay Bike Party's theme this month was "the green ride". Just to be on theme, I joined a bike ride going up the peninsula so I could say I got there using green power. On the way I took a few pictures.


I've seen oil paintings of that tree probably painted from about where I stood to take it's picture. Not sure why it's famous. It could just be that the artist needed a muse and it was a huge and interesting tree.

I managed to stay not too far behind these guys until not too far south of Millbrae. After that I must have missed a turn or something. Anyhow, I gave up and took BART the rest of the way. Good thing, because I showed up while the riders were gathering. Riding the rest of the way I would have missed it completely.


That fuzzy picture was the only one I managed to take once I got there using natural light. After that it was flash all the way! There were lots and lots of green outfits of various kinds...


East Bay Bike Party seems to always have a lot of dancing going on. It's not like that in San Jose for whatever reason.



I spent a lot of my time pushing these stickers. People were up for a green message.


I'm still wondering what team has green and white horizontal stripes on their uniform.


That flag with the green lights was sort of the "official lead bike" for the event.


This guy's idea of green was a little more political than most of them...






St. Patrick's Day was a key part of green for many there.



I found this guy with a small BBQ on the back of his bike. It was set up for chocolate fondue at this time. He had pieces of fruit and angel food cake to dip in the melted chocolate. I had several pieces. Very delicious!


I talked to the guy behind the velo glo lights on those bikes. He's excited to be turning up the visibility and eye catching qualities of his customers. Click the picture for more information on that.

About this time I realized that if I didn't get to San Francisco soon I was going to have to ride all of the way home. I found some people that were heading for BART and followed them. I got to the Caltrain station at 4th & King about ten minutes before the last train home left. That's as close as I'd want to cut it, remembering how tired I was the next day the times I missed it.