EBBP happened on the same evening as the fourth game of the NBA Championship series. The event page conflated the Golden State Warriors with the great revolutionary leaders of history. It was fun to read Mandela, Curry, Guvera, and Green in the same list. They promised that if the "Dubs" won we would divert the route to end at the team's HQ. The art was good to.


To make a long story short, Virginia and I decided to go. We rode light rail to Cisco Way and then her tandem up to Warm Springs BART. Getting on BART, I was happy to find that bungee chord in the trunk. With a bungee, the bike fit nicely on the bike rack. Without it we'd have had to hold the thing the whole way up to the Colosseum Station. BART doesn't have built in bungees the way Caltrain does.

The ride got off to a funny start. The plan was to take the pedestrian bridge people use to go from BART to the Warriors home games. Unfortunately, when we got moving at the top of the ramp we were met by a pair of security guards that informed us we couldn't proceed. Our fearless leaders tried to talk them out of being roadblocks, but they couldn't. We had to turn around and figure something else out. Difficult when there are a few hundred bicycles behind you and the path is only about six feet wide. Despite the challenges, we managed. Soon enough, we were riding on a nice bike trail, mere feet from the bays shore.


Virginia took all of these pictures, I had my hands full steering the tandem.


We were near the front of the ride until we got to the turn where we had previously agreed to pull over and direct traffic. Soon after pulling over we had picked the spot from which we yelled "Left turn Bike Party!" Not long after that Virginia got out her camera and tried to get pictures of all the eye catching sights as they went by.


Lots of people did something for the theme, like wear a Warriors shirt or blue and gold. Probably the guy on the unicycle was the standout.



Our birding duty was over when the sweep got there. It seemed like everybody was ahead of us when we got rolling.


Maybe half an hour later we'd reached the first regroup, a park on the waterfront.


Virginia gave me a thumb drive with all her pictures from the evening. I winnowed out the ones I didn't like and put the rest here. Maybe the above isn't a good representational photo, but I like the textures and mystery of it.


Yup, this bike party also stops for red lights.


Riding a tandem with your girlfriend seems to be the hot new trend! We saw more of them then ever before.


Gotta get a selfie with the green flag when you do EBBP!   Don't get it on that last picture? Don't worry, be happy.