That's a time lapse of the eclipse from just before the darkest part to well after it. I couldn't take an earlier shot because I was on my bike pedaling down Tasman and past Lockheed when I started watching it. I quit after that last shot because the clouds got too thick for me to see the moon any more. According to this guy in Kansas, this was the darkest eclipse in more than 360 years. I'm thinking that would be true out in the middle of nowhere, but here the light pollution from the streetlights, headlights, and other lights made it the "darkest night here since the Loma Prieta earthquake" at the most.


One of the little games I like to play is trying to catch Green Party members on TV. I counted Ingrid Betancourt because she ran for President of Columbia as head of the Green Oxygen Party. Sounds green to me, even though she was there pushing her new book, "Even Silence has an End". I count Aimee Allison because I remember when she was running for City Council in Oakland. I walked precincts for her. She was definitely working as a green. Even on TV that came through. She was representing a local website instead of a mainstream news outlet. Not only that, but she was talking about how IRV changed the outcome of the Mayor's race. Rebecca Kaplin, another Oakland Green (or maybe ex-Green, I don't keep up on Oakland, it's too far away) had used her 2nd Choice ballots to swing the election to Wilma Chan. A real change story. She was on Belva Davis's weekly news wrap up, and did a good job on her story. I hope I see her again in that role! Anyhow, two Greens in the same week or so is very unusual here!


11/2/10: This is how I  voted: Yes on 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, B, and T. No on 23, 25, 27, A, C, and E. Duane Roberts for U. S. Senate, Laura Wells for Governor, Jimi Castillo for Lt. Governor. Christina Tobin for Secretary of State. Ross D. Frankel for Controller. Charles "Kit" Crittenden for Treasurer. Peter Allen for Attorney General. William Balderson for Insurance Commissioner. Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Sherill Borg for Board of Equalization District 1. Paul Lazaga for Representative, District 14. T. J. Campbell for Assembly, District 22. I voted for two of the incumbents on Mountain View's city council (Ronit and Jac). My other CC vote went to Greg David.  At the bottom of the ballot I picked Brian Andrew Schmidt for Santa Clara Valley Water District Director, District 7.


I think of legalizing it as a key idea. I voted yes on 19 for that reason! I made and distributed almost 600 of those buttons during the fall campaign as my effort to do something on the issue.

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