I enjoyed the coincidence that eight States in the North East had an electrical power crisis at the same time California was busy swallowing the longest ballot listing choices for Governor that anybody I know can remember. That has to be thought of as a political power crisis on some level.

Of all the Candidates who haven't a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election, I would like to single out Abner for affirmative attention. I met her at Techmart, near the Great America Light Rail stop less than a week before voting day. She was campaigning with a camera man and a pocket full of Abner for Governor pins, one of which she gave me. To get a feel for how absurd her campaign is, if you wanted to vote for her you would have to look up Lorraine Fontanes on you ballot, which she didn't explain to me at the time. I had to figure that out later. For her it was all about filming people for her mocumentary about the process. I gather she has done other wacky things as Abner Zurd (AKA Ab Zurd. Get it?), and this is the latest installment in the series. She was the only candidate on the ballot I've given a yellow hit of enlightenment to before I voted. I'm looking forward to seeing her film about the project, although I'm not sure where it will be playing...

Picture of my ballot stub from Oct 7, 2003 with an I VOTED sticker.

Usually election day is in November. This year California voted to end the Gray Era in October.

A penguin holds a Matt Gonzalez button.

Then, November 4th, Matt Gonzalez became the 1st Green to make the runoff in San Francisco. By the time it was over I had walked six precincts for the guy. The campaign was so invigorating it was a pleasure. The reward was my dad telling me about reading about the campaign on the front page of the Washington Post. A big step up for the Green Party!