Actually, the event wasn't at the school. It was across the street, a fine place to have a fundraiser for a brave politician. I'm talking about Rebecca Kaplan, whom I didn't see at her event.


It was a well attended event, but it didn't seem apropriate to take pictures of lots of people smoking marijuana in honor of their politician. I know that marijuana is the lowest law enforcement priority of the Oakand Police, but you could be anywhere.  Dear reader, I'm not even sure you're okay in the classic sense of the word. Anyhow, I didn't photograph the crowd. Take my word for it, they enjoyed the music this guy was putting out.


Actually, this woman volunteered to stand in for everybody. I figured she had the right word on her shirt. That's GREEN, with a picture of some plant.

Actually, by the time I left my body was supporting about as much THC as it could handle. Good stuff, as they say. I'm up for lots of Rebecca Kaplin fundraisers over the next few months! Go Rebecca Go!