For months now my email has had stories about Jeremy Cloward for Congress as a Green Party Candidate for Tauscher's seat. First they got him on the ballot, then he made the runoff. Then Craig told me they were having a fund raiser, so I thought I'd go check it out.


Concord is more than three hours from Mountain View by public transportation, so I don't go up there often. While BART was stopped in Lafayette, I noticed these crosses beyond the station. I remember somebody telling me that the local Veterans For Peace put them out on Saturday afternoons, one for each casualty of Bush's wars.


Cloward is a first time candidate, and is using the special election to get things going for a run next year. He is a political science professor and family man. The district he is running in covers most of Contra Costa County, with a little piece of western Sacramento County.

The fundraiser was billed as a "sock hop", so we did some of that. I was dancing at that time, so no pictures of that.

Highlights from his speech include that "we need to cut the pentagon budget to one sixth what it currently is". He also spoke in favor of single payer health care. For more information please click here to visit his website.



Then Craig asked us to write checks to support the campaign.

After the speech I asked Cristy how they had gotten Cloward to run. She said they had held a training for prospective candidates a few months earlier. Cloward had shown up, planning to run next year. When the special election came along he had decided to go for it now.

Before I left I went to shake Jeremy Cloward's hand. He told me he was going to win. I told him that I felt like I won when I voted for Carol Brouillet, just because I knew I was voting for someone that wasn't a big accomplice to war crimes, the way most of the incumbents and major Republicrat Candidates clearly are.


From there I went to a Vogon Poetry party in San Francisco. I stopped at San Jose Ave on the way to take the picture with the "San Jose" that's too dark to read over the gas station. A few days later I rode my bike through the City of San Jose, and there I noticed gas prices about twenty cents to a quarter cheaper per gallon.

The Vogon Poetry party wasn't the kind of event to photograph, except for this woman who was inspired by this spoon. The poetry wasn't as bad as it was advertised to be. I enjoyed the whole thing.