The advance publicity for the beach impeach promised "Cindy Shehan, Cynthia McKinney, and Michelle Shocked!" Unfortunately, I was still getting my camera out when Cindy finished speaking. What I remember boiled down to "get the troops out of Iraq. End the war now. Vote for me!" Cynthia McKinney began by saying "I agree with everything Cindy said." Then she talked about how it wasn't just the Jena 6 on the line in the South. There were four more in Alabama, and probably others burried in the email that hadn't reached the public mind yet. I think she invited people to come hear more later.


Michelle sang a song in which we had to help her list off the countries where the US has had a negative military impact. Viet Nam, Chile, Iraq, Nicaragua,... The list went on and on, but she only had a few minutes on the stage.


Zack showed Cynthia how you could find the whole story of 9/11 on the back of an assortment of greenbacks.

Then we all put our bodies on the line so the guy in the black helecopter with the funny logo could shoot us. There were several signals that basically meant "move to the next configuration." The conspiricy theorist in me likes the fact that Cynthia McKinney waved the green flag, and Michelle Shocked waved the blue flag.


After the helicopters had come and gone, Code Pink organized us into a march to the new Marine Recruiting Station near BART.


Click the guy on the bicycle to find out what he is on the 32nd Day of.