Last year (2001) one time, I was reading a discussion of his 2000 race by Ralph Nader.  The comment that struck me was "they parachuted a few reporters in to cover my campaign." While New York Times reporters may have felt like they were going into enemy territory, I doubt they checked parachutes at the door of the press conferences. This got me thinking about the role of political speech in the definition of virtual reality. To see what I mean, click through the parade of parachuting penguins that starts above. I think the words that go with them are thought provoking.

The coin says there are FIVE UNITED STATES. Does the book say that one of them is Virginia?

Use your imagination.

I noticed the battery in this watch was dead on the afternoon of June 14th, 2002. That must have been something like four years after somebody gave it to me.

My old friend Anna Flory donated this piece of art to my campaign back in 1992. At the time I didn't really comprehend how deeply integrated into our society the disposable ethic was. I've learned a lot since then. Have you tried to get through a day without throwing anything away? It is an eye opening experience.