There was a whole area at Burning Man devoted to the Art Car movement. There was a tent that had walls made from recycled aluminum cans where this guy was hanging out. The tapestries on the walls were made from cans, cut so that the ribbons showed color in patterns that were very well thought out to make a picture, much like the hat on his head. I know the aluminum art was this guy's work, but I don't know if he had anything to do with the wonderfully excessive bug that was parked just outside.

This car, while it may not be a bug, is crawling with bugs. Click above for a detail that will give you an idea what I am talking about.


Every now and then, a paraglider would sail by, some of whom had engines propelling them that worked wonderfully with the whole experimental theme of Burning Man. It is funny to me that I could get a better picture of some fantasy paratroopers than I could of any of the real people though. They just never got close enough when I had my camera in my hands to give me a good shot.


I took these pictures early Sunday morning, and the people on the ship above were clearly still partying the energy of Saturday Night. Aside from being a remarkable visual, the ship had a great sound system, and all those people were dancing their brains out to the monotonous thud thud thud of the dance tracks. My understanding was that the harpoon thrower shot flames instead of projectiles, but they only did that at night.

The whale crew seemed to last as well as Ahab and his sailing ship.

Sharks, dolphins, or speed bumps?