I  remember very little about the woman on the left. I could simply have traded the sticker for the time posing with it, I did something like that enough times.

I gave the guy on the right a dried pineapple ring, one of the two I had with me at the time. It was fun to talk to somebody that was so down on his luck he had to give away money.


The green gorilla woman managed to find an ISH sticker in my trademark. After I talked to the guy on the right, I went to the INSS office behind him and got my green card. The woman behind the counter was very nice. However, being a beaureaucrat I had to respect her privacy, so I didn't take her picture. He thought having his picture taken was OK, as long as it lined up with his shirt.

This woman kept asking me what my take away message was. Now I'm wondering why I didn't say "don't be fuelish".


I swear the two above were completely disconnected from each other. However, they seem to have learned how to pose for snap shots from the same book....

These two look like fun people to party with.

This salamander cost me a sticker. The maker was a very attractive young woman who quietly began leaking tears while listening to my little speech. Whatever did that to her did it to me to. I had to talk to several people after that before my own equilibrium was reestablished. Can you feel the vibes of her presence on her artwork?

This tattoo cost me a sticker to. The artist did it above the tan line on my left arm, and I left my sleeves up after that.