See the way the panel on the left with the TransDimensionalMystic glows? The art on all four panes of his mobile (AKA "The Pinyata") had that stuff in between all of the lines. It only glowed when you got the right angle, so the effect of walking by the thing was to be winked at by random colors, a rather pleasing effect, especially if you weren't expecting it. Many passers by stopped at our campsite to compliment the artist for his work. Probably the best thing that ISH has done in five years at Burning Man.

Ultra high-tech man points to water. What can it mean?...


There were two "art cars" people in my campsite brought to the event. Larry's Hippo did great from the moment we helped him drag it off his pickup truck. On the other hand, Mr. Liver (below right) had all kinds of trouble getting his flying carpet moving. It did succeed in making one trip from the Poly-Amory carcass wash campsite to ours. Unfortunately, my camera was somewhere else when the three of them drove it in.

David and Helen are great people to play frisbee with. We inagurated the frisbee the Santa Clara County Greens (or at least Dana and Gerry) gave me for my birthday. The playa is a rather hot place to play frisbee, but otherwise somewhat like a vacant lot as a surface to play on. As you can see, Burning Man had some great sunsets.

That's me, your correspondent. Generally, I would ask people I talked to if they were from California, and if they said yes I would given that person a copy of the Vote Green 2002 newspaper in my hand above. By the time Burning Man was over, I had given away at least half of the bundle I took up with me. On the way home, I was sure I had given away all 200 of the stickers in my lap, but putting away my stuff I found seven that had fallen through the cracks.

I never met either of these two before, but the woman on the left looked so much like Debbie Brown I just had to put this picture here. She has the same "I can handle it" smile, and the same way of looking at the world with an expression that says "the world is so great I'm just totally amazed by what it is throwing at me" look. I felt happy after talking to her. If I knew her I would probably call her Debbie Brown by accident a few times before I got used to saying her real name, which I have already forgotten.