The plan for Wednesday was that we were going to visit Jamestown to see how life was lived almost 200 years before the Revolution, when the first colonists that managed to make a go of it came ashore. However, Tonia and her family wanted to visit Bryant's brother's ex up in Maryland, so the tourist group boiled down to my brother, his family, and I.


The first building I took any pictures in was the barn. There was a lot of tobacco curing for trade, as well as many hand tools. I didn't even see any horse drawn plows or anything like that.


The barrels contained supplies from England, mostly food and gunpowder. That thatched building was the governor mansion/office.


It was a simple place compared to the one in Williamsburg, just a room that might hold 20 people if they crowded together. The church was the only other place in the colony with a nice interior.

Outside the fence that separated the settlement from hostile forces, there was a nice little farm.


On the left is a modern reproduction of the smallest ship on the Virginia quarter. It was surprisingly small. 

The Susan Constant was the largest of the three ships. It was still small by modern standards.