The toy museum was packed to the gills with stuff. Every where I looked there was another shelf with a million of something on it. Toy cars two inches wide in neat rows. Toy soldiers in dioramas that gave them movement. Endless dolls. A display case full of match books from casinos. Another full of pocket knives that had all kinds of reasons for being. I ended up just taking pictures of things I could get a good picture of. The world already has too many pictures of clutter.

The glass case of bobble headed dolls had to be six feet wide and eight feet tall, with shelves a foot apart. Nixon was there in many versions, as were Elvis and all the other big stars of the last century. Why I liked the Beatles so much more than the alternatives, I don't know.

There were lots of license plates, at least one from every state I could think of. This one stood out to me because it didn't have a unique identifying number, which made it fairly unusual.

There was a whole section devoted to Christmas, and this was on the wall by the staircase that led down to it. Down there was a whole series of dioramas that told Dickens's Christmas Story, the one about Scrooge and Marley, as well as many other things. The pigeon holes behind Santa all have the names of American States on them, with DC listed as "Columbia", and the world outside the 50 we all know ignored.