Cameron works on the mailing.   Dana uses beer to make working on the mailing party more fun.

Cameron put as much time into the mailing as anybody. In addition to a large amount of stuffing, he laid out pages 3 and 4, which we weren't going to do until we found out that the Statewide Green Party newspaper we were going to wrap our ballot recommendations around wasn't going to come out before the election. He also made a webpage with links to all the websites referanced in the newsletter. Click his picture to visit that.

Dana wanted everybody to know that they could request a paper ballot when they go vote. This is a good idea if you want to make a statement about how electronic voting needs to be accountable. How can anybody check the vote count if all you have is a number in a computer? At least with paper ballots you can see what people did and do a recount if that's necessary...

Joan works on the mailing.   Jody works on the mailing.

Joan is the coordinator of the Holiday Peace Fair, an event that the Greens have tabled at for many years. She was looking for ways to publicize the event, so we let her put copies of the event flier in the 204 units of the mailing that went to zip codes near where it's going to happen. (Click her picture to see what it looks like). If you get one in your newsletter, please do us a favor by posting it somewhere! Her advice to people going through chemotherapy for cancer or whatever is to join a support group. They can help a lot with how to deal with the side effects, among other things.

Jody brought over some yummy muchies the evening that she helped. Beer, potato chips, and chocolate candies. We didn't get around to eating it all until several mailing party days later. She also came by transit, a distinction I like to honor.

Mike works on the mailing.   Sara works on the mailing.

Mike did a lot of stuffing. He also had adventure stories to tell about the hassles he went through printing the front page of the newsletter. He'd start by saying "it was easy, all I had to do was push start and read the paper", but then the truth would come out. Apparently the Xerox machine died on him, among other things. We had pages 3 and 4 professionally printed. There just wasn't time to get it all done otherwise.

In addition to doing two evenings of stuffing, Sara brought over Rock Against Bush, a punk rock album by people opposed to the re-election of the current President, and the Cake album with Comanche on it, a nice contribution to our listening pleasure. She also gave us an update on the Green Party Club at San Jose State. They are thinking of getting some local bands to do a benefit for the organization.

Stephanie smiles from behind a pile of newsletters.   Valerie works on the mailing...

Stephanie and Valerie did quite a bit of work to. Stephanie's campaign is the big news for us, she being somebody that could become the first Green elected to a City Council in Mountain View! We even spent considerable time on Stephanie's absentee voter mailing. She made it easy by being so appreciative and such a great candidate.

Somebody else works on the mailing.   Tian does some labeling. 

Somebody else helped one evening.

Tian did some stuffing, but also took the finished bundles down to the Post Office and a number of other minor details like making this page.

Charlotte collates a newsletter while sitting on the couch.   Baseball game (Red Sox vs. Yankees) on TV.

Charlotte came by the last evening and helped us finish the job. Her condition was that we had to tune in Game 7 of the Red Sox vs. Yankees series, so we were there to when the Sox excised the curse of The Great Bambino! She also brought over  a very yummy artichoke, onion, and red pepper pizza.

Susan folds a strip over an envelope.   Daniel gets a piece of tape.

Susan laid out pages one and two of the newsletter. She also came over a bit after Charlotte with her husband Daniel to finish the job. I think this was her first piece of activism for the Green Party. She has done many other things for other people though...