Cameron did a lot of folding and stuffing while filling us in on all sorts of things about the Statewide and National Greens.

Roy and Eric folded a bundle of newspapers. I couldn't catch them in the act because when they showed up to help there was no table space left, so they took the bundle home and folded them there, returning an hour or so later with the task completed. Roy reports that Eric (the younger guy in the picture) is "quicker than a jack rabbit" when it comes to this kind of work.

Valerie was the only volunteer that worked every evening of the mailing, folding and stuffing a huge number of newsletters. The project would have taken several days longer without her efforts.


Fred hosted the last evening of the project, feeding us pizza and home made ice tea, with a side of yummy vegetables and fruit. While putting together the last mailers, we talked about having a dinner party fundraiser for Camejo at Frarida's on October 20th, 4 PM.

Lois helped with the final evening of stuffing.


Shiloh and Dan came by and helped one evening. Dan said he enjoyed listening to The Green Room CD that I had gotten from the New Zealand Green Party website. Shiloh talked about how she and Charlotte had managed to get half a dozen people to walk precincts for Bruce Karney, who is running for City Council here in Mountain View, by calling the list of people that had said they wanted to help build the Green Party in Santa Clara County.

Stephanie filled us in on Greg Perry's campaign and the Sierra Club. She is also thinking about getting one of Mike's Electric Bikes.

  Gerry, Cameron, Dana, and Valerie.

Tian got the pieces together for the mailing, hosted the every mailing but the last one, did lots of stuffing, and took the finished zip sorted trays down to the Post Office. He also laid out the page you are looking at now.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good individual picture of either Dana (the bicyclist with the horizontal reflective stripe) or Gerry (the bicyclist with the two vertical reflective stripes). Dana made us a great vegetarian stew, mostly from ingredients grown in her back yard and did a lot of stuffing. Gerry spent most of his time putting mailing labels on the stuffed newsletters and zip sorting the final result to make the mailing compatible with Postal Regulations. John at the Post Office found no mistakes in his work, a significant accomplishment.


Judy filled us in on how the Stanford Greens are doing. She attends their meetings, and reported that they are starting to table on campus. They might be able to host the next Statewide Green Party meeting, if some logistical things fall in to place.

Byron talked about what it was like to be in Berkeley during the free speech movement days. He also addressed and zip sorted the last batch, staying with the project until the bitter end. 

Farida folded many newspapers while getting everybody excited about the dinner party she is going to host as a fundraiser for Camejo on Sunday the 20th. RSVP to if you want to enjoy that event.

Note: Not shown are Charlotte, Steve, and Judith. Charlotte did a lot of stuffing, Steve printed the last batch of envelopes, and Judith worked with Roy and Eric. I regret the omissions. - Tian