Bike Party was last evening. Missed the train I should have taken, and the next one wasn't for 90 minutes. The next VTA was four minutes later, so I took that. Missed the march by almost an hour, so these pictures were taken at the rally that happened after that. I know for a fact that I missed a lot of what had been there.


Still, there were a lot of people there. Some were listening to the speeches, but most were talking and so forth. I liked it.



Talking to the mom, she was like "He probably won't remember this." Then I got to thinking about what the message of the event would be that he'd hear.





Talked to the woman behind that list of states. Heard her say "Italy is very Catholic."




Dianne was looking forward to the Martin Luther King Jr. events coming up.


That kid is pointing up at the exact spot a very loud low flying jumbo jet goes over every ten minutes or so. Many locals have learned to stop talking until it passes. We got used to the pauses.


There was a line of people waiting to take pictures in front of that "WOMENS MARCH" backdrop.





The next day the 49ers were going to contest the NFC Championship with Green Bay. My day job nowadays is bike parking for those events, so I wanted to save energy for that. Left after that for an afternoon of seeing my garden and the rest of the Lord of The Rings with Virginia on DVD.