Viva Calle started with a 5K run/walk. There was just enough time after that was over to go get our bikes out of Virginia's van. We weren't milling around long before Mayor Licardo took the stage to welcome us all to this years open streets event. I remember him thanking a lot of people for their contributions and important roles in making it happen.


As finishers of the 5K we got these cool running man medals and a scarf like towl (not shown).

Other dignitaries expressed similar ideas. The event is all about having fun on streets without cars. The picture I got was that next year there will be two Viva Calle type things. Turns out the buzz about the previous ones was good enough for that.

Ash Kalra (the State Assembly member that represents the area) gave the Mayor and the guy that spearheaded the effort a nice award proclimation from the State.

After all the speaches bike party led a ride from one end of the open streets to the other and back. When we started we were the only ones on the streets, but that changed quickly as the morning progressed.


Gotta honor the home built art pieces that some of the guys were riding.

It was cool to see that crew on horses. Later in the day they were gone, but I was reminded of their presance by the occasional road apple. So greatful my bicycle relies on my digestive system for its energy.


I spent some time in the SOFA area. There were several stages. The acts ran the gamut of what people are doing nowadays. Beyond the acts in the streets there were bars where singer/songwriters were singing their hearts out. There were also a number of arts and crafts booths.

It was all good, but it didn't really hold my attention. I was restless. Went back to riding the car free streets. Found another hub at the County Fairgrounds. At that one there were lots of political booths. Wandered away after that with stuff to read for the upcoming election.