This shark was in front of the Mercury News offices. Like everything else in the news business, it is more than just the ordinary solar powered shark it appears to be. Look closely, and you will learn a lot about how sharks REALLY work....

Solar powered shark.

For one thing, cash is remarkably close to their wold views...

One of the things they use cash for is to keep the mice that keep the wheels turning motivated.

From there, what actually happens is rather complicated, but some tidbits of information can be gleaned.

One thing is that this breed of shark eats day traders. Dot com company residue can also be found in its belly.

The bull and bear markets also seem to have something to do with the way this sharks organs work.

Long term power contracts seem to be wired into every organ.

Baby shark emerging from an egg surrounded by other eggs and power cables.

Unfortuanately, sharks have no trouble reproducing.