Last election cycle Gloria Purcell brought her tricycle which was a great centerpiece for the Green Party Parade entry. This year Cameron's bicycle was the only machine in our thing. It isn't shown here, but we were the entry behind the VTA bus done up with rainbows and other bunting. What better spot could there be for the Green Party? You can't see it from the picture, but the cassette in the boom box was that old Beatles album Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Stephanie and Becky, her sister from Maryland, added sex appeal and charm to the experience.


Charlotte and Warner being their ever gracious selves. Warner had a stack of Warner Bloomberg for State Assembly (23rd District) fliers with him, but I didn't see him give any out. For contrast, other candidates for partisan office I saw included Manny Diaz (D-23) and Sally Leiber (D-22) none of whom made any effort to distribute literature, as far as I could tell.

Jim NEVER EVER smiles. Tian tries sometimes, but it makes his face feel funny.


Shiloh and Valerie keeping it real.

Andrea and Dana show off their sunflower power moves.


At the end of the parade, the tie dyed green shirt contingent celebrates with a Can-Can move. To give you an idea how long the parade was, I pushed play when we left the parking lot at St. John and Market, and "We're Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" immediately started coming out of the speakers. Within You Without You was playing when they told us we were done, just as we reached San Carlos Street.

Not shown: The Lavender Green that walked most of the route with us. She was the one with the dollar bill in her hand in a long lavender dress. Your correspondent would like to apologize, but I had a bicycle in one hand and a boom box in the other. She disappeared before Stephanie gave me back my camera.