I took these pictures on Wednesday afternoon, about half way through the fast for peace with Iraq. Some of these people, like the woman on the left in the baseball cap, I have seen at just about every peace event of the past four years. Not long ago she gave a speech about what she had found out on her fact finding mission to Palestine, which was basically that there are lots of human rights abuses happening there. She is almost always among the first to stand up and do their part when an activist can make a difference by doing something. I don't know the rest of these people as well, but I think many of them are Santa Clara University Students making a difference.

The woman in the tan coat and scarf is not one of the fasters. She was telling them that they were doing great work, and that if any of them needed to take a shower or something like that, they were welcome in her home. Apparently she had done something similar back in the 1960s, when the Vietnam War was the big issue of the day. Listening to her talk, I wanted to be of help in some small way. Just after I took these pictures, they asked for some privacy to conduct a meeting.