Thought they were right behind me when I got there. Turns out I overacheived on the early side this time. Had my bike parked nicely by the time they started showing up.


My camera is comically under powered for taking pictures of moving bicyclists in the dark. However, I wanted to give you a sense of the parade the people who "bird" turns get to see. So this page has the best part of every picture that had something worth sharing in it.


One reason I missed a lot of people was that after it flashes my camera is useless for many seconds. Lots of people went by in that time when the crowd was thick.

Dark photography looked cool, but I wanted more detail than that.




That out of focus effect happens when the camera decides to focus on a bug or dust mote in the air. Because of that sometimes I do everything right and still get a crummy picture.


By this time I was getting better at timing the flash to get the spectacular bikes.












It was time to go. I followed them, certain that by the time I got to the park the party would be going on.

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