I pondered the concept "ride of the gods" before the ride. I decided to take as many "God" books as I could carry in the basket on my bike. At first I was planning to take all the religion books that the practitioners of the different faiths had given me. Then I started looking for them. I know I have a Book of Mormon, a Bagavad Gita, a Bible, a Koran, and several others that I also haven't read. I gave up on that idea when I realized I couldn't find enough of them. Then I started looking for heavy books that I personally found very interesting reading.

I didn't explain them all to people. I'd say ""Where the Heart Beats" is about John Cage. John Cage's life is all about where art meets music meets choreography meets Zen in a profoundly connecting way in New York in the '60s. A Walk Through Time is all about how the world we live on now emerged from the soup that existed fifteen billion years ago. Johnson's Dictionary was part of the stiffening up of the backbone of the English language. Before that the meanings and pronunciations of words shifted a lot more than they have since people could look up what the truth is on that. Fulbright's The Arrogance of Power I took because in it he says "If you don't like what your government is doing you have a sacred duty to object." Stranger in a Strange Land I took because it's easy to find "Thou art God" in it. The "Green" books on the left I've carried as props when I wanted the word "green" in my pocket, more or less as a fashion spice. It didn't have much to do with what was in them, although that was interesting to me to. That is except for The Green Millennium, which I still haven't gotten very far in  for some reason. That compilation of Grateful Dead recordings was included because Gerry Garcia is a guitar god.

I had these CDs in my trunk just because. Actually, from Genesis to revelation was funny because when it first came out record stores would put it in the Christian music section even though it was only very loosely connected to that. Helium isn't there because the music is good (it isn't), it's there because I like the word Helium.

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