We got there plenty early. Unfortunately, my knee wasn't good and I forgot my camera. Virginia took these pictures.


There wasn't that much good theme participation. This was a large percentage of it for sure.

We did a count at some point. Virginia counted 501. I counted 540. This theme just wasn't one people got excited about.


The weather was great. Almost warm for most of the evening. It was just local people having a good time together. Surprisingly relaxing.

The evening was sort of spoiled for me when I sold a sticker to a guy that had his phone ripped off while it was laying on the ground while we put the MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS on his bike. It sucks to be collateral dammage in a situation like that one.

Lots of people had a good time anyhow.


We were all smiles at the end. Thank you bike party for another nice evening. And thank you visitor #378 for sharing the virtual experience version.