These two were signing up permanent absentee voters for two reasons. The first is that absentee voters vote at twice the rate of other voters. The other is that absentee voters are more likely to complete the entire ballot. In other words, they are more likely to get to the nitty gritty races like Supervisor where that vote can make a big difference.

DJ Platypus spun some great tunes for the event, and also provided the sound system for the speaking portion of the meeting.


This guy was introduced as "Susan King's favorite ex-boss". She worked for him at the League of Conservation Voters back in the time frame of the first Gulf War. He told a story about how Susan would be frustrated because she could only raise five times the money of her quota as a telemarketing fundraiser. He said she was always trying to make more happen than anybody else.

Terry Baum talked about how Susan is always trying to get large groups of people to go eat together. She herself remembers many meals during which Susan talked her into being a Green Party Candidate.

Renee Saucedo talked about what an inspiring friend Susan is.


Susan explained there are three main planks to her campaign. The first is Transportation. She is deeply aware that until getting around by bus and bicycle makes more sense people are going to use cars, so she wants to put "Transit First" in her district. She is calling for making Muni "safe, reliable, and clean". The second is violence. Susan wants to develop programs for our youth such as job training and after school extra-curricular activities to provide alternatives to crime. The third is compassionate solutions to the homeless problem. She wants to see programs for them that end up giving them work and stability.

David Cobb talked about how the Green Party is a growing institution. He pointed out that four years ago there were 64 Green Incumbents, but now we have 208, all of them working for peace and justice. IRV is one of the big planks, and he urged the Democrats to get on the train with that issue. Click his picture to find out more.

Leslie reminded everybody to give generously to the campaigns, but especially the David Cobb Campaign.

David Cobb got people listening with rapt attention.

After the speaking lots of people posed for pictures. Click this one to see the others.

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