Tom Ammiano on TV.   Tom Ammiano speaks live.

One by one, the Supervisors said a few words. Usually they introduced family members and said a few nice words about how important the occasion was.

Another supervisor speaks.   Some supervisor speaks. 

Ross speaks on TV.   Ross speaks live.

Bob sent out an email the next day in which he said:

Ross was received very well, if "standing ovations" mean anything; he got the most including being the only one who had it at name call. Then one of the two for ending. He had many in between. He was the only one who highlighted the significance of Ranked Choice Vote for San Francisco, California, and the rest of our nation. He hinted at taxes commensurate with Corporate Earning (named PG&E) and the urgency to oppose war in Iraq for the good of America amongst many other points that he articulated very well.

I remember going to a Public Power meeting near the end of 1997 at the State Buiding across Van Ness from City Hall where Savanah Blackwell explained that PG&E was a MAJOR corrupting factor in San Francisco City Hall. Ross is going to need a lot of Grass Roots Support to really take them on.

McGoldrick on TV.   Mystery Woman live.   Unknown Supervisor.

Black woman speaks.   Black woman in better color.

Most of the supervisors were new faces to me, and I'm sorry to say I didn't get their names.

Talking head on TV.   How he looked live

I think this was the guy that said we need to get our financial house in order.

Gerardo speaks on TV.  Gerardo speaks.

Gerardo Sandoval was the one whose words impressed me. He pointed out that batteries are a major source of toxic leachate in landfills, and he called on people to find ways to dispose of those that would allow us to recycle those heavy metals instead of poisoning the future with them.

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