I ended up sitting near the woman in brown on BART. She talked about her first San Francisco peace march back in 1972. They had marched a long ways, and she remembers from that day an old Red Cross woman being given a ride on a Harley by the biker who was pushing his chopper in the march. I took the picture while she was immitating the lady sitting side saddle on the machine.

This was the only Homeland Security Alert shirt I saw. The fine print says that these brands have been seen doing polluting things in our communities and should be avoided. Not shown are many HOMELAND SECURITY shirts with pictures of four (I think Apache) Native Americans with rifles and the slogan "FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492". I'm thinking homeland security is being co-opted by the volunteer sector.


The blue sticker on the bike reads "It doesn't take a war to power my bicycle".




I read in a news story that the sight of those elephant ears on a Veteran makes Bush furious.