It's been eight years since they started the Afghanistan War that is still draining the US taxpayers. We didn't like it then, and to demonstrate that we still don't like it we held an 8th Anniversary Peace March, Starting on UN Plaza in San Francisco.


Pat had a seat for me when I got on the train. She wanted to show off the button she had been inspired to pull out by that reactor melt down in Japan. After we got on the MUNI, I realized that we were going to get rather wet by the end of the day.















About this time I got told "we are in big trouble."





Ever get that "Did Leonardo Da Vinci really say that" feeling?


Those vegans were handing out tofurky sandwiches in waxed paper bags. They were by no means gourmet, but the bread was fresh and they tasted nutritious. I had my fill. It was the only food I got during many hours of talking and marching. I felt more and more grateful for the sustenance as the day progressed.
















They finished the march in front of this Union Square hotel. There was some time when people mingled and chanted stuff like "check out now, that hotel isn't working with the employee union."