The idea was that on the eve of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, all the Bernie fans all across the nation would spontaneously erupt in marches. We'd take back the streets and make noise for Bernie one more time. Sounded good to me, even though the closest one was in San Francisco's Mission District. I got there just as the crowd was starting to show up.


I managed to catch this woman unloading a cart full of creative signs onto her arm to wander around giving out to people.


That #FeelTheBern tattoo is very recent. As in still peeling recent. The woman who'd just had it done wanted me to know that the image was a conflation of Bernie and her favorite rock star.



After a while this guy informed us that we would be marching soon. The plan was to go down 24th to Alabama, make a left on that and then about five blocks later make a right to our destination. He expected people would have no trouble following the route.


Then he beat boxed for us for a little while. It was all about spreading a cool vibe.


Bernie himself was there to lead the march.





Several times walking along I heard someone else say something like "I'm voting for Jill Stein if the Democrats are going to screw Bernie like that."


After we reached our destination the Raging Grannies immediately serenaded us with these creative songs they had worked out. Click their picture to find out more about that.


After the crowd outside got thin I joined the group in the auditorium. There was some interest in the speakers and musicians, but mostly it was political people talking about all the implications of the vote, the moment, and what next steps make sense now.


This guy is running for school board in San Francisco on a "Make the food in the school cafeteria organic" platform.

This woman is a student government activist that thinks something has to be done with the developing awareness of the Black (and Brown) Lives Matter movement(s).

At some point the MC got us all to clap for the food people, who were serving us good food at a very reasonable price in a great location. We all clapped for La Floridita.



So clear that this is a tiny minority of the population out there, but still I'm hoping they (we?) find some good in it all. Pretty bleak when the best we can hope for is a large movement to third parties.