The endoresments continued. Matt Gonzalez is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Union Sister told us about the work that Unions were doing on Matt's behalf. Ross Mirakarimi (on left) introduced these two as the last speakers before the nuts and bolts lady came up to tell us how to drop literature and handle the logistics of volunteering.

This is only a quarter or so of the volunteers listening to the vibes speakers were giving off. They were actively listening, clapping and cheering or booing and hissing on que. It was fun to be part of it.

In the front room there was probably another large number of people, doing things like assembling lawn signs and greeting people coming in off the street. There was a guy at a booth selling these great organic cotton T shirts with DARE TO BE GREEN! on the back and a picture of Matt Gonzalez on the front for $10. I'm sorry to report that he sold out of my size before I figured out I needed one.


I was impressed by how many bikes there were parked outside.

I think this was the first time I heard about lots of Oregon Greens coming down to help educate voters.