The next day in my email was a sell sheet from Marathon Photos, who wanted me to buy these pictures. Sorry, not that kind of consumer.

Also there was a link to the official results. A bit chagrined to find out I was the bottom finisher in my age group. "Gun Time" means the time from the starting gun for the first wave. To add to the athletic challenge for the winners, their times are measured from when the gun goes off. I hadn't even gotten to the start at that time, so I'm glad they counted my time from when the chip in my bib crossed the starting line. Turns out, the "three and a half hour time limit" meant that we had three and a half hours after the last person to cross the starting line got on the course. They were still congratulating finishers at the finish line when the beer garden closed, maybe an hour after we got there.

The times from Virginia's fitbit are a bit different from the official results. Probably because she zooms ahead and then runs back to urge me onward. That adds to her distance, so her miles are a bit closer together than mine. 266 Probably without her help I would not have finished as well as I did, assuming I'd have run this race at all, which is unlikely.