Virginia and I made the train for Tour De Fat with not much time to spare. She was impressed by the changes in San Francisco, meaning bike lanes on Market St. and the wiggle, the best way to ride a bike from the train station to Golden Gate Park. Then we saw all the bikes parked in the valet parking for Tour De Fat she went "Wow!" Yup, the pedal powered revolution is getting real for sure!

Turns out that is a nonprofit bike kitchen type place where volunteers work with people who want to fix their own bikes. They have plenty of tools and expertise. Sounds like if you're in San Francisco with a limping bike and little money or a fascination for fixing your bike go to them for help. They have a great sticker!

Beyond the valet bike parking was another huge area devoted to self parking bikes. We parked there, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Virginia and I spent some time wandering Tour De Fat. There was a corral of strange "bikes" that I could have taken pictures of. There were booths for the event sponsors where we stopped at to learn about them. There were many beer booths, where we could sample different gourmet style beers. There were games and fun stuff to look at. Several stages of entertainment, but nothing that really grabbed me in that "I want to take pictures!" way.


Then we found a tent where kereoke was happening. The volunteers doing songs were picking great dance tunes and the other patrons were dancing up a storm to them. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, dancing and having a great time.



Gotta mention that there was a batch of Colorado (expats? tourists?) that really flaunted their home state. Nice to see that pride of place.

That frisbee was just sitting on the table. I asked around and nobody knew who owned it. Virginia and I borrowed it and started playing catch. It wasn't too long before the guy in the Steward shirt came to get his frisbee. Thanks for letting us use it guy! :-)