Brad from the beach impeaches put out the word that today we were going to "float the Chronicle", meaning walk around the building until it floats up off the ground. The idea was to cure them of their reluctance to cover uncomfortable truths. Carol Brouillet gave me a ride up to the event. We got there just as the crowd was starting to gather.







Cindy thanked us all for coming out on our lunch hours to tell the mainstream media that we're not going to let them get away with ignoring important stories any more. She asked us all to help with the last couple of weeks of the campaign.

Then we posed for a group shot. Click the above to see a higher resolution version.


After that we marched around the San Francisco Chronicles building a few times. That'll show them!



I gave out quite a few McKinney 2008 stickers. The guy on the right is a write in candidate challenging Barbara Lee. If you're in her district (mostly Oakland and Berkeley) and you want to protest vote, write in Christopher Kula.