I left the plaza headed for the Caltrain station. I was riding with Justin, one of the other birds. We were riding on Market just before 4th St. when his sound system released a bungee cord that got wrapped up with his spokes. I didn't figure out until I was a couple of blocks down the road that he was missing. When I got back there I helped him sort it out. It took several tries to fix enough stuff that he was able to ride to the station. We had to ride because time was getting tight. In fact, it was so tight that I didn't even have time to find a seat before the train started moving. There might have been one or two people that cut it closer, but not very many.


I got up soon after I sat down. I was too keyed up to relax. I wandered down the train. Billy Cool and a few other people were hanging out in the next car. When I moved on after talking to them Billy Cool suggested I take pictures of everybody else in the train and fill them in on what I saw as I went through on the way back to my seat.



The guy with the roller blades did the ride with glowing lights all over his back. I saw him helping DJs go up the steeper hills.






I didn't see her until after I got off the train, so Dora must have been there to. That probably means I missed a few other people to.1142