April 30th, 2019: This was the first picture I took after I sat down in the my nosebleed seat at the San Francisco Giants game.

The Giants had one on and no outs. Things were looking good.


I took a few pictures while Virginia visited with her cousin and collected our souvineer blankets.

Took a good look at the scoreboard.

Found it just fascinating that the Colorado Rockies are right about sea level from my seat.


Things were looking good for a while.

Looks like the batter swung early on that one. Very happy my camera could catch that detail.

This was one of those moments when there were three professional games going on in the area. Down in San Jose the Sharks were doing well. So happy when the news came on the huge screen. Then I got curious about how the warriors were doing. Started looking for information.


There was a couple a few rows ahead of us. They were watching the Warriors game on a phone held between them. This was my best picture of the screen.

The lady a few seats over saw what I was doing and showed me the score. Now I was up to date on all three games.


The Giants got something going on offense. The Dodgers changed pitchers.

The game went downhill after the Dodgers scored a lot of points. We started strategizing about getting home. Decided to aim for the 9:30 train. We got there in time to get a pair of seats, but by the time the train left the station people were standing in the aisles crowded together. That train was full of people with similar ideas about how the game was going.