I think Beth has an ethnic resemblance to Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

Kevin explained that the dirty secret that editors don't want to admit to is that if you do the reporting for them and drop the story and pictures that make it a "must read" in their laps, they will find printing it irresistable. He illustrated this by passing out copys of a story he had written about Mayor Jason West of La Platz, NY. He emailed it to the Santa Monica Daily News as a press release that they had run the thing almost whole cloth. Kevin explained that as Mayor Pro Tem he has some additional leverage, but the technique probably works for any of us once we develop a good working relationship with the local press wherever we are.

Cres (green shirt) said that he had put out press releases about our meeting, but the death of Ronald Reagan had eaten our newshole.

There was a whole segment of the room that I forgot to take pictures of. One guy from that area is a staffer with the Pacifica Radio Station in Fresno. He had some good words to say about the access that being the media gives us.

Craig Peterson reminded us that Farenheit 911 is due out in two weeks, and it is a golden opportunity to remind people that we oppose the direction that the Bush Administration is taking the country. He urged people to take advantage of the opportunity!

The best suggestion I had for them was "when you put out a press release, put it on your website to. That way even if the mainstream media don't cover it, the faithful will get the message."