> Greens,

> Can anyone let us know what took place at the recent plenary in

> Sacramento? Thanks.


> Uncle Chuck

I regularly report on state meetings to my region. Here is what I sent out

via email the day I got home from Sacramento. Some of it is from an L.A.

County point of view, but it should be generally informative and hope it

fills any information vacuum.


Kevin McKeown

> The minutes of the Sacramento plenary should be out fairly soon, and many of

> us were there, but, in any case, a quick summary:


> The delegates to Milwaukee were approved and a preliminary training was

> completed, setting up teams to represent the candidates and NOTA as determined

> from the primary. The primary vote reporter for California will be Sara Amir,

> supported by a team of alternates.


> It was agreed that delegates will vote their consciences on the national

> platform, as well as on presidential nomination and possibly endorsement

> ballots after the first round.


> California will lead efforts to have the "loyalty oath" expunged from the

> delegate registration, following a typically empassioned speech from Peter

> Camejo.


> Bylaws for the California standing delegation to the national party were

> accepted after numerous floor amendments, and Forrest Hill and Newell Taylor

> were elected as new national alternates to the GPUS coordinating committee.


> Feedback was taken on the Green Party Election Code, and consideration of the

> health care plank for the California platform was deferred to the next

> plenary.


> The Coordinating Committee accepted the letter and petitions requesting

> assistance and a gathering from L.A. County, and will discuss specifics

> further at the next teleconference.


> A new issue of Green Focus was released, with the top front page story by LA

> Green Lisa Taylor about the recent Petra Kelly legacy event.


> Danika Kavulich was introduced as the newly-hired campaign coordinator for the

> Campaigns and Candidates Working Group.


> Please forward this to any and all Greens to keep everyone up to date.


> Thanks,


> Kevin