Most of the stuff in the booth where I found this dream catcher was made of leather. The vendor was probably there every day, it's just that today was the Gay Pride Festival. I told her I liked the way she used something, and shared my little speech with her so she could get what something means to me. She shook my hand when I was done, so I guess she liked it. I had to put a picture of Mother Nature next to her work.


Why do I keep seeing butterflys? This one was part of the "OUTRIGHT LIBERTARIANS" booth.

I'm quite sure that a lot of people went home with pictures of these guys. They were enjoying the attention tremendously. The woman in pink is just another tourist having her man get a fun shot. He was two people to the right of me in the gaggle with cameras when I was there. I saw a dozen people pose with them in only a few minutes, and there were always more coming. They had good crowd control instincts, and it was nothing but fun as far as I could tell.


That blurry spot over the dragon/devil/whatever is something from my garlic fries.

I saw a lot of those Human Rights Campaign stickers on people.

These people were spreading information on responsible drug use and other things you need to know to survive a night of dancing. On the table in front of them were postcard sized handouts explaining everything you really need to know about cannibus, tobacco, heroin, e, poppers, cocaine, and half a dozen other abuseable substances. The ones I looked over seemed to have their facts straight. For example, the one on tobacco said it was highly addictive. The woman in the black shirt explained that "less is more" means that if you take less drugs you can enjoy the experience more. I know for a fact that is true for tobacco. One cigar every few months is the most you can really enjoy. Beyond that it gets to be nothing but feeding the tapeworm, so to speak.