The woman holding the skeleton in the right picture was only the second person to use a Kennedy half dollar to pay for a MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS sticker since I returned to the bay area, almost four years before that day.


Around this banner, there were people giving out 9-11 notes a lot like the one in their sign. Email me your snail address if you want me to mail you one.


The Matriot's poem below the definition was touching. It was something about how as an old woman, all she wanted was to leave to her grandchildren a world where they had the tools to carry it on, just like every other grandmother.


I told this woman about the time I gave TheFireman a yellow and black bicycle with a crystal built into it. He had told me "See The Big Lebowski." If you don't get her sign, you should definitely see that movie. Thinking about it now makes me want to see it again.





The guy taking that picture on the right in the left picture and I snapped our shutters at the same time, so somewhere out there is (or was) a picture of a guy carrying a MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS sign taking a picture.


I was attracted to the stage by the sound of Bonnie Raitt singing "There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear..". The crowd was so thick that there was no way I could get close enough to see anything, but the sound was good. When Joan Baez took the stage, I held my camera up high and waited for a chance. There was a brief moment where the guy with his head in the way shifted and I took this picture. She was followed on the stage by a guy who had lead the coalition that had organized "the biggest demonstration in English History" in London the day before. San Francisco gave him a good hand for his efforts against another Gulf War.


The guys above put a lot of effort into the signs they were carrying. Click on their pictures to see their art.

This was the last picture I took, right after I took my seat in the bus parked behind the one I photographed. Special thanks to the Peninsuala Peace and Justice Center for organizing bus service to the demonstration!