Got there plenty early. They were still setting up. Didn't know for sure that Bill McKibbin was going to be there. Didn't take out my camera until I saw him walking from the parking lot. They went right into photo op mode as I was turning it on.


These two guys had a lot to do with the Oily Wells march. They thanked us all for participating in the march and remarked about how much fun it was to see the results of their assault on the company in the newspaper. They figured the march had something to do with Wells Fargo's new CEO stepping down after only a few months on the job.

Then the guy in the suit asked us to take turns saying something about what we got out of it.

One lady talked about how she had run into someone she marched with in a store. They had a lot of shared experience to build on, the march was a good foundation. A guy said how great it was to be outside with no phone bothering him.


Someone else mentioned the joy of exercising with others instead of the same old same old.


Bill McKibbin said we were doing exactly the right thing. He said the people he met during his first march on Vermonts Capitol are still the backbone of He urged us too keep working on this, and maybe some magic will develop.

After that there was a flurry of photo op type stuff. Somewhere in that time frame I talked to the guy for a minute.

Bill McKibbin hung with us for a while. Told us about the time when he was talking to Bernie and said "If you get elected in six months I'll be outside the White House getting arrested for chaining myself to the fence." He grinned about the way Bernie liked that idea. They gathered around him like birds around the lady with the free birdseed, hanging off his every word. He is working for Bernie in the primaries, but then he said "We need absolute unity after the primaries in the fall."

I just interrupted. "Dude! California has been a safe Democratic State since Pete Wilson played the race card here. Just a week or two ago I was reading 'Grass roots Republicans are leaving this area going to places like Idaho and Texas.' in the San Jose Mercury News. They can't take the heat and are leaving the kitchen. If you want us to be a one party State I barf on that idea."

I pulled out my Green Party booklet and pointed to the 'Green Party' on the cover. "You know that old thing 'Politics is about money." He nodded. "Being Green Party, I can't write checks on the public treasury." I pulled out a ten greenback note and offered it to him. "This is my idea of finding a better future in the greenback." After he took it I added "Please notice that no incumbents had their palms greased in the passing of this note." I made a 'just between me and you" sign with my left hand and stepped back. Glad to say I saw him put it in his pocket.

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