I got this from a guy that was knitting another one while we talked. He had an assortment of them on his table, but this one had a color scheme I liked. It will go well with my sister's daughter's eyes and hair if she likes wearing it. I felt like I was supporting the grass roots economy by getting it.

I got this from a guy that had a whole table of stickers in front of a bookstore. Some of them were fun ones like "WHAT WOULD XENA DO?" but there were also things like a "VOTE GREEN PARTY" and "WE'RE NOT THE ONLY SPECIES ON EARTH, WE JUST ACT LIKE IT".

I bartered two "MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS" stickers for it, making it the only barter event of the day for me.

The woman who made this had mostly jewlery on her table, but there was a bowl of political pins. I talked to her, and she was very political in her outlook on life. At some point she started ranting about how Bush doesn't have a brain cell worth respecting between his ears. I said "I don't know about brains, but ever since Governor Davis has signed legislation making California a leader in stem cell research, I have been pointing to bushes like the ones over there that have way more stem cells than the one in the White House."

She responded by saying "stem cells" as if the idea could be the holy grail.

The guy that sold me this shirt, which should look good on Grace, told me he had made it himself.